Human-Computer Interaction • DGP Lab • University of Toronto

I am a Ph.D. candidate advised by Prof. Daniel Wigdor at DGP lab, University of Toronto. I am also a Microsoft PhD Fellow and Adobe PhD Fellow.

My research area is Human-Computer Interaction, in which I focus on augmenting our productivity and creativity. I approach this through the development of the Human-Centered Interaction Language. Its cornerstone is the Human-Centered Representation, which directly reflects and dynamically adapts to our mental processes, as well as affords Human-Centered Articulation through which we can fluidly express our thoughts to digital devices via gesture and voice.

I am currently on the job market and looking for positions in both academia and industry. Here are my plans for future research and teaching .

Full Conference Publications

Most work in HCI is published as conference papers, among which CHI and UIST are the premiere venues. I published all my work at these venues as full papers (longer than 10 pages).